just sell bespoke illustrations of classic cars.

If your classic car still has the discoloured or flakey remains of its original engine bay stickers, or dealer stickers in the rear windscreen, then there is a solution. 

These usually unavailable stickers can be recreated to refresh the look of your classic car, or add that finishing touch to your restoration project.



If you are from a car club that is interested in this service. Russell can help work with you to design and supply a range of different styles of window stickers, from self-cling, die-cut, to full adhesive. 

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Stickers for sale

You can purchase a selection of sticker decals that have already been recreated.

A range of decals are available for Citroen, Renault and Peugeot classic cars. 

You can purchase these stickers from my Ebay shop.

Sticker recreation

To have a sticker recreated, you would need the exact dimensions and good quality photos of the original sticker or stickers to help recreate the original design. 

If it is a new design that you are enquiring about,

a clear brief of the intended sticker design

would be needed. 

Samples of the digital artwork will be made available to make sure the design is correct.

Basic design recreation costs start from: 


Printing and quantities will have to be quoted for.

Please get in touch to discuss any potential projects.

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